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A sprocket is a piece of machinery that fits perfectly into the link of chain to keep it moving smoothly, and that’s exactly what we do. Sound is an integral piece of your project and we’ll be the perfect fit for whatever emotion you’re creating.


Will Edwards founded Sprockets in 1996, (25 years ago… yikes.) and still continues to lead the music publishing industry with passion and knowledge from experience. This experience has proven to make our client’s project run more smoothly as we know what to avoid and possible missteps, while excelling at having a fool proof methodology for publishing that’s in sync with our client’s needs.








What separates Sprockets from other major publishers such as Universal or Sony?


Sprockets' intentional lack of genre specialty. We’re acquiring music from all over the world, including India, China, Italy, South Africa, among many others, Sprockets has a catalog that is far more diverse than many of the big publishers who are typically genre and regionally focused.  


We also have a few traditional songwriters that adds another level of reach to Sprockets, and allows us to be a player in the country/mainstream music scene as well


Sprockets continues to evolve its business model to position itself as an alternative to traditional publishing companies through an innovative approach of acquiring songs and building a comprehensive catalog.

Who is Will Edwards?

Will has won over 100 distinctions for his work as a composer and producer including over 50 Gold and Platinum albums, multiple Grammy Award winning records as well as several Primetime Emmy awards. His original music has been featured in many critically acclaimed projects including Showtime’s Dexter, Burn Notice, HBO’s The Sopranos, Shrek, Discovery Channel, Disney and many others. 


He is a voting member of NARAS and serves on its technical committee and is a foundingmember of LARAS--the highly successful Latin American arm of the Grammy’s. But more importantly Will is here to help get your media noticed with expert level staff.


Sprockets is positioned to be on the world's foremost music houses specializing in music for film and television, and we want to help you rise to the top with us.